Philippe Smagghe

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Image Receptive Fields Neural Network (IRF-NN) is a variant of feedforward multi-layer perceptrons adapted to image recognition. It shows very fast training as well as robust and accurate results on supervised classification tasks. This paper presents another property of IRF-NN: responses of trained networks can be analysed to detect unknown images. Several(More)
This article introduces an original method of image detection and localization in a picture by scoring the output of a neural network to indicate an already seen (Déjà Vu) input. The classifier is a feedforward multi-layer perceptron adapted to supervised image recognition named Image Receptive Fields Neural Network (IRF-NN). It has(More)
This article describes the structure of the Image Receptive Fields Neural Network (IRF-NN), introduced recently by our team. This structure extends simplified learning introduced by Extreme Learning Machine and Reservoir Computing techniques to the field of images. Neurons are organized in a single hidden layer feedforward network architecture with an(More)
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