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We report on the experimental demonstration of a white-light supercontinuum generation in normally dispersive singlemode air-silica microstructured fiber. We demonstrate that the simultaneous excitation of the microstuctured fiber in its normal and anomalous dispersion regimes using the fundamental and second harmonic signals of a passively Q-switched(More)
Careful numerical computations show that very slight geometrical imperfections of the cross section of actual large air fraction holey fibres (d/>0.6) may induce surprisingly high birefringence, corresponding to beat lengths as short as few millimetres. The spectral variations of this birefringence obeys laws similar to those of elliptical core Hi-Bi holey(More)
We report what we believe to be the first Tilted short-period Fiber Bragg Grating photowritten in a microstructured optical fiber for refractive index measurement. We investigate the spectral sensitivity of Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating to refractive index liquid inserted into the holes of a multimode microstructured fiber. We measure the wavelength shift of(More)
A hybrid Fabry-Pérot cavity sensing head based on a four-bridge microstructured fiber is characterized for temperature sensing. The characterization of this cavity is performed numerically and experimentally in the L-band. The sensing head output signal presents a linear variation with temperature changes, showing a sensitivity of 12.5 pm/°C. Moreover, this(More)
This communication intends to summarize the recent strides carried out by the study of original Very Large Mode Area fibers (VLMA) that offer remarkable beam qualities. This work also aims in pushing farther the threshold of appearance for non-linear processes as well as thermal induced beam degradation hindering the power scaling in optical fibers. So as(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the nonlinear generation of frequency-dissymmetric sidebands by injecting picosecond pump pulses inside the fundamental mode of a silica-core photonic crystal fiber in its normal dispersion regime. A systematic analysis highlights the fact that this phenomenon is based on the combination of the two major nonlinear effects(More)
We present a leaky thulium-doped photonic crystal fibre (PCF) design to down shift the thulium emission in the 1.7 – 1.8 µm band. The microstructured cladding structure manages confinement loss to counteract the thulium emission cross section. Thus, the fibre is considered as a distributed low pass filter along the fibre length. Computations(More)
In this paper, we propose, through different theoretical examples of composite fibre designs, some alternative ways to push up the limits of active optical fibres. Highly ytterbium-doped large cores are required for high power delivery and low non linear limitations. Such cores usually support several guided modes. We demonstrate in this paper that by(More)
A simple self-referenced nondestructive method is proposed for measuring the cutoff wavelength of microstructured optical fibers (MOFs). It is based on the analysis of the time-dependent optical power transmitted through a bow-tie slit rotating in the far-field pattern of the fiber under test. As a first demonstration, the cutoff wavelength of a 2 m MOF(More)