Philippe Rossello

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Several studies have documented that more deprived populations tend to live in areas characterized by higher levels of environmental pollution. Yet, time trends and geographic patterns of this disproportionate distribution of environmental burden remain poorly assessed, especially in Europe. We investigated the spatial and temporal relationship between(More)
The hourly ozone (O3) data from 332 background monitoring stations, spread in France, were analyzed over the period 1999-2012 and short-term trends were calculated. In the current climate change context, the calculation of human health- and vegetation-relevant metrics, and of associated trends, provides a consistent method to establish proper and effective(More)
The use of ultrasonics as an analytical technique to estimate the composition of a fermented meat-based product (sobrassada) was assessed. The ultrasonic velocity temperature dependence allowed the determination of fat, moisture and protein+others contents by measuring the ultrasonic velocity in the meat-based product at 4 and 12oC using a semiempirical(More)
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