Philippe Ricaud

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—We present a new compact and automated ground-based microwave mobile radiometer dedicated to the study of middle atmospheric water vapor, which is convenient for measurement , intercomparison, and validation campaigns, particularly in remote places. The instrument detects the 6 16 −5 23 H 2 O transition line at 22.235 GHz by means of balanced(More)
—The H 2 O Antarctica Microwave Stratospheric and Tropospheric Radiometers (HAMSTRAD) program aims to develop two ground-based microwave radiometers to sound tropo-spheric and stratospheric water vapor (H 2 O) above Dome C (Concordia Station), Antarctica (75 • 06 S, 123 • 21 E, 3233 m asml), an extremely cold and dry environment, over decades. By using(More)
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