Philippe R. B. Devloo

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In this paper, space adaptivity is introduced to control the error in the numerical solution of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. The reference numerical scheme is a new version of the discontinuous Galerkin method, which uses an implicit diffusive term in the direction of the streamlines, for stability purposes. The decision whether to refine or to(More)
This contribution gives an overview of current research in applying object oriented programming to scientific computing at the computational mechanics laboratory (LABMEC) at the school of civil engineering – UNICAMP. The main goal of applying object oriented programming to scientific computing is to implement increasingly complex algorithms in a structured(More)
Motivation • Hydraulic fracturing is a method extensively used in oil industry • To enhance petroleum recovery, fractures are artificially created inside the porous media by applying hydraulic pressure produced by an injected fluid • Usually, numerical simulations use simple models (2d or pseudo3d) which are not suited for high permeability and/or low(More)
A set of object oriented tools is presented which, when combined, yield an efficient parallel finite element program. Special emphasis is given to details within the concept of the tools which enhance their efficiency. The experience of the author has shown that the design concepts documented are crucial for the efficiency of the issuing code, and that they(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, an implementation of the p-adaptive nite element method is described using the object oriented programming philosofy. It is shown that, using the object oriented programming language C++, the p-adaptive method can be implemented with relative ease. The structure of the resulting program permits the same nite element class to be(More)
hp-Adaptive methods have been available for more than one decade [6]. Thus far, the choice of h, p or hp-refinement has been based on the a-priori knowledge of the regularity of the solution and their corresponding optimal sequence of refinement pattern [4]. The proposed strategy is implemented within the object oriented environment PZ for the development(More)