Philippe R. B. Devloo

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In this paper, space adaptivity is introduced to control the error in the numerical solution of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. The reference numerical scheme is a new version of the discontinuous Galerkin method, which uses an implicit diffusive term in the direction of the streamlines, for stability purposes. The decision whether to refine or to(More)
Recent multi-core designs migrated from Symmetric Multi Processing to cache coherent Non Uniform Memory Access architectures. In this paper we discuss performance issues that arise when designing parallel Finite Element programs for a 64-core ccNUMA computer and explore solutions for these issues. We first present the overview of the computer architecture(More)
Motivation • Hydraulic fracturing is a method extensively used in oil industry • To enhance petroleum recovery, fractures are artificially created inside the porous media by applying hydraulic pressure produced by an injected fluid • Usually, numerical simulations use simple models (2d or pseudo3d) which are not suited for high permeability and/or low(More)
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