Philippe Pointet

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A renin-secreting tumour has been observed in a 32-year-old female with severe hypertension known for 17 years. The excision of the tumour lead to the complete normalisation of the blood pressure. Histological examination showed that the tumour was benign, contained secretion granules at different stages of maturation, and derived from the juxta-glomerular(More)
A study of the clinical, etiological and histological features of the nephrotic syndrome occurring in 76 adults aged over 60 was performed. Membranous nephropathy was the most frequent type (40%). 32% of the cases of membranous nephropathy were associated with another disease which was a malignant one in 22% of the cases. In 2 cases a renal vein thrombosis(More)
A 29 year-old female patient developed severe arterial hypertension in the beginning of her second pregnancy. Investigations performed at 16 weeks of amenorrhea showed hypokaliemia in relation to severe hyperreninism: plasma active renin was 25 fold normal value, 94% as prorenin (prorenin representing 94% of total renin). Radiological investigations(More)
The development of membranous glomerulonephritis in a 51 year old patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis suggested drug toxicity, and particularly of a recently developed anti-inflammatory agent, diclofenac. The toxicity is discussed in relationship to the biochemical and pharmacological properties of the molecule, the therapeutic setting and the(More)