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Nuclear receptors (NRs) bound to response elements mediate the effects of cognate ligands on gene expression. Their ligand-dependent activation function, AF-2, presumably acts on the basal transcription machinery through intermediary proteins/mediators. We have isolated a mouse nuclear protein, TIF1, which enhances RXR and RAR AF-2 in yeast and interacts in(More)
Highly functionalized fullerenes can be efficiently constructed by various techniques. However, the challenge is to synthesize highly symmetrical fullerenes. Recently, a number of X-ray structures have been disclosed showing the high symmetry of substituted fullerenes. By reviewing the major types of multi functionalized fullerenes through selected examples(More)
Cationic carbon dots were fabricated by pyrolysis of citric acid and bPEI25k under microwave radiation. Various nanoparticles were produced in a 20-30% yield through straightforward modifications of the reaction parameters (stoichiometry of the reactants and energy supply regime). Particular attention was paid to the purification of the reaction products to(More)
Biolabile cationic lipids were developed for efficient intracellular delivery of DNA and siRNA. The compounds have been designed starting from the membrane lipid DOPC in a way they may loose their cationic charge when exposed to an acidic and/or enzymatic stimulus, such as those met during the journey of a lipoplex in biological media. They demonstrated(More)
Hexaazido and hexaiodo macrocyclic methanofullerenes undergo high-yielding sixfold click reactions or sixfold Heck, Sonogashira and Suzuki cross-coupling reactions, respectively, to yield all organic building blocks for higher molecular architectures.
One of the potential benefits of drug delivery systems in medicine is the creation of nanoparticle-based vectors that deliver a therapeutic cargo in sufficient quantity to a target site to enable a selective effect, width of the therapeutic window depending on the toxicity of the vector and the cargo. In this work, we intended to improve the siRNA delivery(More)
Lung diseases are among the more representative causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide and gene therapy is considered as a promising therapeutic approach for their treatment. However the design of efficient nucleic acid carriers for airway administration still is a challenge and there is a pressing need for new developments in this field. Herein, new(More)
An unprecedented straightforward route to six-fold terpyridine ligands around C60 , the latter being regioselectively functionalized in pseudo-octahedral positions using a six-fold Bingel reaction, is reported. Ruthenium, iridium, and iron complexes have been synthesized, and unambiguously characterized by NMR, MS, and cyclic voltammetry.