Philippe Piernot

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This paper describes the evolution, implementation, and use oflogjam, a system for video logging. The system features agame-board that senses the location and identities of pieces placedupon it. The board is the interface that enables a group of peopleto log video footage together. We report on some of the surprisingphysical and social dynamics that we have(More)
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As part of the 1994 Apple Interface Design Competition, we designed and prototyped the PenPal, a portable communications device for children aged four to six. The PenPal enables children to learn by creating images and sending them across the Internet to a real audience of friends, classmates, and teachers. A built-in camera and microphone allow children to(More)
We show how to deliver a sophisticated, yet intuitive, interactive application over the web using off-the-shelf web browsers as the interaction medium. This attracts a large user community, improves the rate of user acceptance, and avoids many of the pitfalls of software distribution. Web delivery imposes a novel set of constraints on user interface design.(More)
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