Philippe Pernelle

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The regulation was introduced into groupware in order to improve the actors collaboration. In our context, the regulation means the ability given to a group or a person that manages a group. This paper describes an approach of setting up about this regulation thanks to the concept of scenario. This last makes possible to describe the practical application(More)
The use of learning games implies they can provide the teachers with an answer to the lack of awareness often reported for such systems. The monitoring of the activity is indeed a central task for teachers that can be carried out only if key elements related to an ongoing pedagogical activity are reported. In this paper, we propose a solution based on the(More)
Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) is a new development of knowledge learning. Two main models (xMOOC and cMOOC) provide online open education thanks to the wide use of information and communication technologies. The attractiveness of MOOCs is an undeniable fact and the number of participants on institutional websites is very important. Despite this success,(More)
In an economic environment more and more competitive, the effective management of information and knowledge is a strategic issue for industrial enterprises. In the global marketplace, companies must use reactive strategies and reduce their products development cycle. In this context, the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is considered as a key component of(More)
Companies that collaborate within the product development processes need to implement an effective management of their collaborative activities. Despite the implementation of a PLM system, the collaborative activities are not efficient as it might be expected. This paper presents an analysis of the problems related to the collaborative work using a PLM(More)
The authors research work deals with the development of new game-based learning (gbl) environments. They think that the way of acquiring knowledge during a learning session is similar to following an adventure in a role-playing game and they apply the metaphor of exploring a virtual world, where each student embarks on a quest in order to collect knowledge(More)
The mechatronic systems design requires a collaborative and coordinated work of multidisciplinary teams. These teams need business tools but also centralized and consistent information between all stakeholders. PLM systems are theoretically capable of proposing a system able to manage all data from different field. However, the current integration of a(More)