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An immersive video system that has been developed for the purpose of evaluating future traveller information system (F-TIS), in particular, F-TIS scenarios that rely on a pervasive computing infrastructure is presented. Immersive video uses multiple video streams captured from a first person perspective at key locations in a scenario. By dynamically(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of status epilepticus (SE) is based on relatively little evidence although several guidelines have been published. A recent study reported a worse SE prognosis in a large urban setting as compared to a peripheral hospital, postulating better management in the latter. The aim of this study was to analyse SE episodes occurring in(More)
BACKGROUND For several decades, emergency departments (EDs) utilization has increased, inducing ED overcrowding in many countries. This phenomenon is related partly to an excessive number of nonurgent patients. To resolve ED overcrowding and to decrease nonurgent visits, the most common solution has been to triage the ED patients to identify potentially(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To measure the tracheal diameters (TDs) [transverse (Tr) TD, and anteroposterior (AP) TD] and left main bronchus diameters (LBDs) [Tr and AP] using multiplane CT scan reconstructions with a tridimensional correction of the declination. To evaluate the relationship between clinical variables and CT scan diameters of the tracheobronchial(More)
The effect of increasing amounts of a cyclic oligosaccharide, β-cyclodextrin (BCD), included in the diet on plasma cholesterol and triglycerides, was investigated in two animal models, namely in male genetically hypercholesterolemic Rico rats and in male Syrian hamsters. The distribution of bile acids in the gastrointestinal tract and in the feces of(More)