Philippe Nemery

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We propose an extension of the FlowSort sorting method to the case when there is imprecision on the input data. Within multicriteria decision aid, a lot of attention has been paid to sorting problems where a set of actions has to be assigned to completely ordered categories. However, few methods suit when the data or the parameters of the model are not(More)
Three methods have previously been presented in Computer and Industrial Engineering for the selection of a statistical distribution to describe a data-set: the weighted sum model, the weighted multiplication model and data envelopment analysis. These are based on distinctive preset of parameters and result in three different rankings. In these approaches(More)
In this paper we study the multicriteria decision aid (MCDA) methods PROMETHEE and GAIA. The PROMETHEE method provides the decision maker with a ranking. The GAIA method provides a two dimensional representation of the decision problem based on the flows computed by the PROMETHEE method. However, a limit of the GAIA method is the loss of information by its(More)
It is by now clear that reliable design models for large and complex industrial and systems must be based on Monte Carlo (MC) calculations. Such models involve aging of LRUs (Line replaceable units) and interactions between various LRUs and subsystems that can not be presented and solved by analytic methods. A logistic model involves both the systems and(More)
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