Philippe Naina

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A stochastic model is introduced that accurately models the message delay in mobile ad hoc networks where nodes relay messages and the networks are sparsely populated. The model has only two input parameters: the number of nodes and the parameter of an exponential distribution which describes the time until two random mobiles come within communication range(More)
CONTEXT Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic granulomatous disease endemic in certain regions of India. Computed tomography (CT) imaging appearances of rhinosporidiosis have not been previously described in the literature. AIMS To study imaging features in rhinosporidiosis with contrast-enhanced CT and elucidate its role in the evaluation of this disease. (More)
With the increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, the amount of information available and the use of Web servers are growing exponentially. As a consequence, the number of requests to popular Web servers increases exponentially as well. In order to reduce the overhead induced by frequent requests to the same documents, server caching, also referred to(More)
Non-diphtheritic Corynebacteria are now being increasingly recognised as the causative agents of various infections. Among these organisms, Corynebacterium amycolatum is the most frequently isolated one. It has been isolated from urine, pus, catheter tips, blood, prostatic secretion, cerebrospinal fluid and sputum. However, to the best of our knowledge,(More)
BACKGROUND Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere syndrome is a rare neurological disorder characterised by pontobulbar palsy and sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing rehabilitation continues to be a challenge because the exact lesion site is unknown. CASE REPORT We examined the clinical and audiological profiles of a case series comprising four siblings with(More)
OBJECTIVES To propose a novel endoscopic adenoid grading system using a rigid nasal endoscope and to study its correlation with the clinical diagnosis. METHODOLOGY Prerecorded video clips of rigid nasal endoscopy taken during endoscopic adenoidectomy were retrieved. Otolaryngology consultants blinded to the clinical diagnosis of the child were presented(More)
This paper addresses the delay analysis and resource consumption in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) equipped with throwboxes. Throwboxes are stationary, wireless devices that act as relays, and that are deployed to increase the connectivity between mobile nodes. Our objective is to quantify the impact of adding throwboxes on the performance of two routing(More)
Sublingual dermoids are uncommon lesions in the floor of mouth. The most common age of presentation is early adulthood, but presentation in infancy has also been reported. This report highlights the clinical presentation and treatment challenges in infants. An 8-month-old infant presented with inability to close mouth, intermittent stertor and snoring. MRI(More)
INTRODUCTION Schwannoma of the infraorbital nerve is a rare entity, with lesser than a dozen cases reported in literature and only one from India. REPORT This article reports a 23-year-old male presenting with a painless swelling in the cheek, which was eventually diagnosed as infraorbital nerve schwannoma. He underwent a complete excision of the tumor(More)
BACKGROUND Bacteria including Chlamydophila pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and anaerobic bacteria such as Fusobacterium necrophorum have been implicated as etiological agents of chronic pharyngitis in Western literature. Because there are no data regarding this from India, the authors undertook this study. STUDY DESIGN Prospective case-control study.(More)
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