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In PLT Scheme, programs consist of modules with contracts. The latter describe the inputs and outputs of functions and objects via predicates. A run-time system enforces these predicates; if a predicate fails, the enforcer raises an exception that blames a specific module with an explanation of the fault.In this paper, we show how to use such module(More)
Resveratrol is the subject of intense research because of the abundance of this compound in the human diet and as one of the most valuable natural chemopreventive agents. Further advances require new resveratrol analogs be used to identify the structural determinants of resveratrol for the inhibition potency of cell proliferation by comparing experimental(More)
Backward transitions in the analysis of oxygen production under flashing light were introduced by Packham et al., 1988, Photosynth. Res. 15: 221-232. In order to take backward transitions into account, a new method of analysis is presented: the 'eigenvalue method'. This method is based on the recurrence relation of oxygen production with four coefficients(More)
—A highly linear, efficient, two-stage power amplifier for high-data-rate wireless applications is presented. The linearity is greatly improved by adding an auxiliary amplifier to the main bipolar transistor amplifier in a feed-forward approach to cancel out the nonlinearity terms. The efficiency enhancement is achieved using a switchable biasing and a(More)
Programs in embedded languages contain invariants that are not automatically detected or enforced by their host language. We show how to use macros to easily implement partial evaluation of embedded interpreters in order to capture invariants encoded in embedded programs and render them explicit in the terms of their host language. We demonstrate the(More)
The time for oxygen release in photosynthesis has been reported to be 30-130 ms when measured by flash polarography under low polarization voltages (Plijter et al. 1988), in opposition to 1-3 ms with light modulated oxygen polarography (Jolio et al. 1966), with the detection of produced oxygen in a flowing sample (Etienne 1968) or with photoacoustic(More)
This paper describes an experimental embedding of Python into DrScheme. The core of the system is a compiler, which translates Python programs into equivalent MzScheme programs , and a runtime system to model the Python environment. The generated MzScheme code may be evaluated or used by DrScheme tools, giving Python programmers access to the DrScheme(More)
We present here an improvement to the analysis of oxygen evolution with four sigma coefficients (4-S) by computing z, the sum of the S-state probabilities, which was introduced earlier (Delrieu and Rosengard 1987, Biochim Biophys Acta 892: 163-171). We demonstrate that z is equal to the ratio of two consecutive Mean Y (the estimation of the steady state(More)
Stilbenes, especially resveratrol and its derivatives, have become famous for their positive effects on a wide range of medical disorders, as indicated by a huge number of published studies. A less investigated area of research is their antimicrobial properties. A series of 13 trans-resveratrol analogues was synthesized via Wittig or Heck reactions, and(More)