Philippe Maurer

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There is controversy as to what extent the processing of spectrally rich sounds in the human auditory cortex is related to the processing of singular frequencies. An informative index of the function of the auditory cortex, particularly important in neurological patients, is the mismatch negativity (MMN), a component of auditory event-related potentials. In(More)
To test higher cortical functions of neurological patients, oddball tasks are often used in which a frequent and a rare stimulus are randomly presented and a P3 brain wave is recorded to the rare stimulus. We examined 33 patients with extremely severe brain injury. Three oddball conditions were used: with two sine tones (ST), with two complex tones (CT) and(More)
In the mouse and the rat brain, the Ets transcription factor pet-1 is exclusively expressed in the central serotonin (5-hydroxytryptaminergic: 5-HT) system. In pet-1 null mice, the defect of this factor induces early disruption of the 5-HT function, resulting in an increase in anxiety and aggression; thus indicating its pivotal role in this system. Here, we(More)
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