Philippe Maurer

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In the mouse and the rat brain, the Ets transcription factor pet-1 is exclusively expressed in the central serotonin (5-hydroxytryptaminergic: 5-HT) system. In pet-1 null mice, the defect of this factor induces early disruption of the 5-HT function, resulting in an increase in anxiety and aggression; thus indicating its pivotal role in this system. Here, we(More)
Although most Ets transcription factors have been characterized as transcriptional activators, some of them display repressor activity. Here we characterize an Ets-family member, the very specifically expressed human Fifth Ewing Variant (FEV), as a transcriptional repressor. We show that among a broad range of human cell lines, only Dami megakaryocytic(More)
Marlyse Baptista in ‘Reduplication in Cape Verdean Creole’ (pp. 177–184), and the better known case, apparently restricted to Suriname creoles, of partial reduplication in deriving instrument nouns from verbs, just mentioned. Typos are frequent, but seldom cause difficulty. More serious is the failure of some authors to provide glosses or translations for(More)
Der Bahnbereich ist durch ein komplexes und vernetztes Geschäftsumfeld charakterisiert. Eine systematisch geführte Integrationsarchitektur ist infolgedessen absolut zentral. Integrationslösungen sind zu vereinheitlichen und nicht notwendige Abhängigkeiten zwischen Anwendungen wie Daten- und Funktionsredundanzen in der IT-Landschaft zu reduzieren. Unnötige(More)
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