Philippe Marchal

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The aim of this work was to study the spin spin (T2) relaxation components of one hard cheese and three soft cheeses to characterize fat and water states. NMR signals were measured at 6 degrees C with a 0.47 T NMR device. The transverse relaxation decay was fitted using the Marquardt method. The T2 relaxometric behaviour of the cheeses under consideration(More)
Subjects scanned line drawings of polygons in order to count the number of corners. The positions their eyes fixated were studied as a function of the size of the angle and whether the apex of the angle was present or absent. The results showed that the eyes tended to land at a position near the centre of gravity of the corner configurations. The observed(More)
Hydrophobically associating alginate (AA) derivatives were prepared by covalent fixation of dodecyl or octadecyl chains onto the polysaccharide backbone (AA-C12/AA-C18). In semidilute solution, intermolecular hydrophobic interactions result in the formation of physical hydrogels, the physicochemical properties of which can be controlled through polymer(More)
A procedure based on a Couette analogy, to quantitatively analyze torque/rotor speed data in order to extract viscosity/shear-rate curves using non-conventional geometries is presented. It is first validated using a relatively simple geometry for which the equivalent internal radius used in the analogy can be analytically obtained. The results showed that(More)
When dissolved in aqueous solutions, sodium hyaluronate substituted with low amounts of alkyl chains [amphiphilic hyaluronate (HA)] can give rise to hydrogels thanks to intermolecular reversible hydrophobic interactions, leading to a three-dimensional (3D) network. Such hydrogels possess shear-thinning properties and can thus be injected in cartilage defect(More)
The behavior of a commercial sucrose stearate blend has been examined by means of various experimental techniques (differential scanning calorimetry, light polarization and electron microscopy, and rotational rheometry). A partial phase diagram in water has been established. It shows that the binary system forms a lamellar lyotropic mesophase and that the(More)
Various amphiphilic derivatives of sodium alginate and hyaluronate were prepared by covalent fixation of long alkyl chains (dodecyl and octadecyl) with various ratios on the polysaccharide backbones via ester functions. In the semidilute regime, aqueous solutions of the resulting compounds exhibited the typical rheological properties of hydrophobically(More)
The analysis of incoherent polarized steady light transport is reported as a convenient technique for the drop size determination in highly concentrated oil-in-water emulsions. The studied system consists in heptane-in-water emulsions stabilized with a copolymeric surfactant (Synperonic PE®/L64). Hundred grams of parent emulsions, at two volume fractions of(More)
Today, intensification of anaerobic digestion is still a scientific and technical challenge. The present study proposed combined experimental and computational fluid dynamics simulations to characterize the impact of shear stress and impeller design on the biogas production after sequential additions of substrate. Liquid phase (cattle manure digestate)(More)