Philippe M. Heynderickx

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Ethyl acetate removal from an air stream was carried out by using a flat composite membrane bioreactor. The composite membrane consisted of a dense polydimethylsiloxane top layer with an average thickness of 0.3 μm supported in a porous polyacrylonitrile layer (50 μm). The membrane bioreactor (MBR) was operated during 3 months, and a maximum elimination(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Fluoroquinolones (FQ) are a family of synthetic, broad-spectrum antibacterial compounds, used in a variety of human and veterinary applications. Due to their increasing consumption more of the compounds are detected in effluent waters of wastewater treatment plants. Since activated sludge and adsorption using activated carbon come short in(More)
A biofilter was used to treat air polluted with ethylbenzene. Macadamia nutshells, which are a cheap waste product in Thailand, were chosen as the packing material for the biofilter. The moisture content (6.6 w%), water holding capacity (16.8 w%), nutshell density (1.3 g ml) and organic content (78.0 w%) of the macadamia nutshell were measured. The(More)
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