Philippe Mähl

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With anti-hnRNP monoclonal antibody 6D12 we previously showed in HeLa cells that as early as 10 min after the onset of a heat shock at 45 degrees C, a 72.5-74 kDa antigen doublet leaves the hnRNPs and strongly associates with the nuclear matrix, the effect being reversed after a 6 h recovery at 37 degrees C. cDNA cloning and sequencing enabled us to(More)
The SAG2 vaccine (RABIGEN® SAG2) is a modified live attenuated rabies virus vaccine, selected from the SAD Bern strain in a two-step process of amino acid mutation using neutralizing monoclonal antibodies. The strain is genetically stable and does not spread in vivo or induce a persistent infection. Its absence of residual pathogenicity was extensively(More)
Glycoprotein IV (FAT/CD36) has been shown to be phosphorylated by a cAMP-dependent, platelet membrane-bound ectokinase. In this study, we demonstrate that ectophosphorylation of FAT/CD36 regulates initial palmitate uptake. This is the first time that short-term regulation of the activity of a long-chain fatty acid carrier could be shown. Phosphorylation of(More)
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