Philippe Mähl

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With anti-hnRNP monoclonal antibody 6D12 we previously showed in HeLa cells that as early as 10 min after the onset of a heat shock at 45 degrees C, a 72.5-74 kDa antigen doublet leaves the hnRNPs and strongly associates with the nuclear matrix, the effect being reversed after a 6 h recovery at 37 degrees C. cDNA cloning and sequencing enabled us to(More)
The SAG2 vaccine (RABIGEN® SAG2) is a modified live attenuated rabies virus vaccine, selected from the SAD Bern strain in a two-step process of amino acid mutation using neutralizing monoclonal antibodies. The strain is genetically stable and does not spread in vivo or induce a persistent infection. Its absence of residual pathogenicity was extensively(More)
During severe heat shock, which known to interrupt both splicing of RNA transcripts and nucleocytoplasmic transport, it is to be expected that the substructure of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins (hnRNP) is altered in some way. Recently, we have shown that such a stress actually induces rapid alterations at the level of individual proteins (Lutz,(More)
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