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N-Myc oncogene amplification is a frequent event in neuroblastoma and is strongly correlated with advanced disease stage and treatment failure. Similarly to c-Myc oncogenic activation, N-Myc deregulation promotes both cell proliferation and p53-dependent apoptosis by sensitizing cells to a variety of insults. Intriguingly, p53 mutations are uncommon in(More)
Nine women and five children with severe chronic constipation received behavioral medicine therapy. Before treatment, all patients had a paradoxical contraction of the external anal sphincter at defecation attempts as demonstrated with electromyography and/or anorectal manometry. An electromyographic biofeedback device connected to an anal probe was used(More)
Actively replicating endogenous retroviruses entered the human genome millions of years ago and became a stable part of the inherited genetic material. They subsequently acquired multiple mutations, leading to the assumption that these viruses no longer replicate. However, certain human tumor cell lines have been shown to release endogenous retroviral(More)
One of the most thoroughly studied systems in relation to its prognostic relevance in patients with breast cancer, is the plasminogen activation system that comprises of, among others, the urokinase Plasminogen Activator (uPA) and its main inhibitor, the Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1). In this study, we investigated the prognostic value of uPA(More)
Three children with very frequent refractory epileptic seizures underwent a behavioral intervention consisting of symptom discrimination, countermeasures, contingent relaxation, and positive reinforcement for correct responses in a systematic replication series. The studies involved a 6-h nonintervention base rate, a 6-h treatment phase, and a 6-h(More)
Auditory brainstem evoked responses (ABR) were recorded in 9 neonates with hyperbilirubinaemia. Pathological recordings were found in two children showing absence of waves and prolonged latencies. There was no correlation between latencies to waves and the total serum bilirubin concentration. The serum reserve albumin concentration for(More)
Success in treating severe sepsis will require relevant tools to monitor the patient immunoinflammatory status. This study aimed to investigate the feasibility of measuring a panel of immunological mediator mRNAs in whole blood and to study their prognostic values in septic shock patients. At the onset of shock, compared to healthy volunteers, mRNA levels(More)
BACKGROUND Gastric emptying is delayed in patients receiving postoperative pain relief with epidural morphine compared to patients receiving epidural bupivacaine. The electrophysiological basis for this effect is unknown. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of epidural morphine with epidural bupivacaine on gastroduodenal myoelectric activity(More)
A single shot of 20 ml of 1%, 0.75% or 0.5% ropivacaine was administered epidurally (at L2/3 level) to 30 volunteers, in a double-blind manner. The blockade of the rectus abdominis muscle was measured quantitatively by registration of the average rectified electromyographic signal (AREMG) at the T7, T9 and T11 motor segmental levels and with a qualitative(More)