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We previously reported the identification of the Kis2 common retrovirus integration site, located on mouse chromosome X, in radiation leukemia virus-induced T-cell leukemias. Tumors with a provirus at the Kis2 locus overexpressed a novel noncoding RNA (ncRNA) with a complex splicing pattern and no polyA tail. Database upgrade revealed the presence of a(More)
Pour obtenir rapidement un nombre élevé de mensurations par cheval nous avons été amenés à perfectionner et tester une méthode photométrique. L'étude de la répétabilité d'une trentaine de mesures effectuées sur 6 0 chevaux a montré que selon les cas 2 ou 3 photographies permet-taient d'atteindre une précision satisfaisante. Par ailleurs des analyses en(More)
BACKGROUND Acute erythro- and megakaryoblastic leukaemias are associated with very poor prognoses and the mechanism of blastic transformation is insufficiently elucidated. The murine Graffi leukaemia retrovirus induces erythro- and megakaryoblastic leukaemias when inoculated into NFS mice and represents a good model to study these leukaemias. METHODS To(More)
Given a complete graph Kn = (V, E) with non-negative edge costs c ∈ R E , the problem 2EC is that of finding a 2-edge connected spanning multi-subgraph of Kn of minimum cost. The integrality gap α2EC of the linear programming relaxation 2EC LP for 2EC has been conjectured to be 6 5 , although currently we only know that 6 5 ≤ α2EC ≤ 3 2. In this paper, we(More)
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