Philippe Le Gall

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Crystals of aza-beta3-peptides have been obtained. This gives the first opportunity for hydrazino peptides, in the sense of oligomers built exclusively with alpha-hydrazinoacetic units, to be observed in the solid state. The structures make it clear that the H-bond network developed by aza-beta3-peptides differs radically from those of the corresponding(More)
The crystal structure of the title compound, dilithium germanium trimolybdenum octa-oxide, consists of distorted hexa-gonal-close-packed oxygen layers with stacking sequence ABAC along [001] that are held together by alternating lithium-germanium and molybdenum layers. The two Li(+) and Ge(4+) ions all have site symmetry 3m. and occupy, respectively,(More)
The crystal structures of the rare-earth members of the series RMo(5)O(8) (R = Ce to Eu) have been investigated and compared with those of the La and Gd members previously published in order to understand the influences of the size and the charge of the cation on the different Mo-Mo bonds. The RMo(5)O(8) compounds crystallize in the monoclinic space group(More)
The structure of scandium indium penta-deca-molybdenum nona-deca-selenide, Sc1.91In1.39Mo15Se19, is isotypic with In2.9Mo15Se19 [Grüttner et al. (1979 ▸). Acta Cryst. B35, 285-292]. It is characterized by two cluster units Mo6Se (i) 8Se (a) 6 and Mo9Se (i) 11Se (a) 6 (where i represents inner and a apical atoms) that are present in a 1:1 ratio. The cluster(More)
Mo-based cluster compounds are promising materials for high-temperature thermoelectric applications due to their intrinsic, extremely low thermal conductivity values. In this study, polycrystalline cluster compounds Cs2CuxMo12Se14 were prepared for a wide range of Cu contents (0 ≤ x ≤ 2). All samples crystallize isostructurally in the trigonal space group(More)
The crystal structure of dizinc trimolybdenum(IV) octa-oxide, Zn(2)Mo(3)O(8), has been redetermined from single-crystal X-ray data. The structure has been reported previously based on neutron powder diffraction data [Hibble et al. (1999 ▶). Acta Cryst. B55, 683-697] and single-crystal data [McCarroll et al. (1957 ▶). J. Am. Chem. Soc.79, 5410-5414; Ansell &(More)
The crystal structure of La5Mo6O21 (pentalanthanum hexamolybdenum henicosaoxide) is made up of Mo3O13 units containing triangular {MoIV}3 clusters, three distorted MoVO6 octahedral units and six interstitial LaIII atoms. The Mo3O13 unit consists of three edge-sharing MoIVO6 units involving Mo-Mo bonding. The three MoVO6 octahedra share their corners or(More)