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The home environment becomes ready to host distributed devices dynamically adapting to service availability and reacting to user location and user activity. Sensors, high definition rendering systems, home gateways, wired and wireless controllable equipments are now available. Many protocols enable connectivity and interaction between devices. However,(More)
A good software architecture facilitates application system development, promotes achievement of functional requirements, and supports system reconfiguration. We present a domain-specific software architecture (DSSA) that we have developed for a large application domain of adaptive intelligent systems (AISs). The DSSA provides: (a) an AIS reference(More)
Computer Aided Software Engineering tools represent one the main successes of software engineering in the past decades. They however need to be improved along several dimensions in order to face new challenges due to ever more complex applications, more heterogeneous technologies and more stakeholders involved. In this paper, we present an approach based on(More)
Service composition is complex. It has to reach a set of pre-defined non-functional qualities, like security for instance , which requires the production of complicated code. This code, often distributed between client and server sides, is highly error-prone and difficult to maintain. In this paper , we present a generative environment for the orchestration(More)
This article introduces the design of the AutoHome service-oriented framework to simplify the development and runtime adaptive support of autonomic pervasive applications. To this end, we describe our novel open infrastructure for building and executing home applications. This includes the amalgamation of the two computing areas of autonomics and service(More)
—The recent evolution of mobile smart devices and their convergence with pervasive computing and software as a service raises new challenges. Developers of applications targeted to these environments have to face at least three major challenges: dynamicity, heterogeneity, and distribution. In this paper, we propose a service oriented component framework(More)
Pervasive applications are encountered in a number of settings , including smart houses, intelligent buildings or connected plants. Service-Oriented Computing is today the technology of choice for implementing and exposing resources in such environments. The selection of appropriate services at the right moment in order to compose meaningful applications is(More)