Philippe L. Davidson

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Aircraft gas turbine engine maintenance is a complex task requiring not only specialized technical skill but effective integration of many sources of information. Traditionally, military maintenance technicians make extensive use of common sense knowledge, equipment manuals, pilot reports, instrument readings, engine settings and physical observations.(More)
Proper maintenance and troubleshooting of complex mechanical equipment is a difficult task. A large amount of information, such as sensor data and previous repair actions, is available but infrequently used for interpretation by technical staff which is continually losing expertise due to turnover. Well structured knowledge-based systems can provide(More)
The paper describes a generalized knowledge-based tool for diagnosis which is currently being applied to jet engine maintenance. A domain dependent diagnostic tree is created for a particular jet engine by filling in an empty hypothesis frame for each diagnostic node in the tree. The knowledge in the tree is reasoned about using a generalized and explicit(More)
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