Philippe Kocian

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In this paper we calculate the emission of gravity waves by the binary pulsar in the framework of five dimensional spacetime. We consider only spacetimes with one compact extra-dimension. We show that the presence of additional degrees of freedom, especially the ’gravi-scalar’ leads to a modification of Einstein’s quadrupole formula. We compute the induced(More)
It is shown that the Euclidean group of translations, when treated as a Lie group, generates translations not only in Euclidean space but on any space, curved or not. Translations are then not necessarily vectors (straight lines); they can be any curve compatible with the parameterization of the considered space. In particular, attention is drawn to the(More)
An equivalence relation on the tangent bundle of a manifold is defined in order to extend a structure (modulated or not) onto it. This extension affords a representation of a structure in any tangent space and that in another tangent space can easily be derived. Euclidean symmetry operations associated with the tangent bundle are generalized and their(More)
Differential geometry provides a useful mathematical framework for describing the fundamental concepts in crystallography. The notions of point and associated vector spaces correspond to those of manifold and tangent space at a given point. A space-group operation is a one-to-one map acting on the manifold, whereas a point-group operation is a linear map(More)
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