Philippe Karoubi

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether procalcitonin is a reliable diagnostic and prognostic marker in septic shock compared with nonseptic shock. DESIGN Prospective controlled trial. SETTING Intensive care unit of the Avicenne Teaching Hospital, Bobigny, France. PATIENTS All patients admitted to our intensive care unit over a 12-month period with clinical(More)
Whether chest radiographs (CXRs) in mechanically ventilated patients should be routinely obtained or only when an abnormality is anticipated remains debated. We aimed to compare the diagnostic, therapeutic and outcome efficacy of a restrictive prescription of CXRs with that of a routine prescription, focusing on delayed diagnoses and treatments potentially(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify factors associated with granting or refusing intensive care unit (ICU) admission, to analyze ICU characteristics and triage decisions, and to describe mortality in admitted and refused patients. DESIGN Observational, prospective, multiple-center study. SETTING Four university hospitals and seven primary-care hospitals in France. (More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether different diagnostic and prognostic cutoff values of procalcitonin should be considered in surgical and in medical patients with septic shock. DESIGN Prospective observational study. SETTING Intensive care unit of the Avicenne teaching hospital, France. PATIENTS All patients with septic shock or noninfectious systemic(More)
Ten critically ill patients underwent this prospective study to assess the reliability of the continuous thermodilution versus transoesophageal Doppler techniques in the determination of continuous cardiac output (CO) and systemic vascular resistance (SVR). A total of 145 pairs of CO and SVR measurements were obtained by both a pulmonary artery catheter(More)
INTRODUCTION The rate of weaning of vasopressors drugs is usually an empirical choice made by the treating in critically ill patients. We applied fuzzy logic principles to modify intravenous norepinephrine (noradrenaline) infusion rates during norepinephrine infusion in septic patients in order to reduce the duration of shock. METHODS Septic patients were(More)
The Arrow "Hands-Off" thermodilution catheter (AHO) is completely shielded during balloon testing, preparation, and insertion. To assess the value of the AHO in the prevention of systemic infections associated with pulmonary artery catheterization (SIAPAC), we conducted a randomized prospective study over an 18-mo period. The patients were randomly assigned(More)
OBJECTIVE Candida species represent the fourth cause of nosocomial bloodstream infections worldwide. Because Candida glabrata has become the second most frequently identified yeast and because the rate of fluconazole-resistant C. glabrata strains reaches 10% to 15%, initial antifungal therapy based on fluconazole in nonneutropenic hemodynamically stable(More)
BACKGROUND Mild methemoglobinemia is a known side-effect of one of the constituents of EMLA cream, this topical local anesthetic is used with great caution in neonates. POPULATION AND METHODS One hundred and sixteen neonates admitted from January to July 1994 in an intensive care unit were included in the study. All required skin punctures which were(More)