Philippe Jaillon

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  • M O Benouamer, P Jaillon, D Michelucci, J-M Moreau
  • 1993
Making safe and consistent decisions is essential to geometric algorithms. Quite a few solutions to this problem have been suggested in the recent years, but they generally ask that drastic changes be made to algorithms. A simple and eecient paradigm is suggested here, which enables programmers to forget about precision issues altogether, whatever algorithm(More)
  • David Stieren, Ralph Veale, Howard Harary, Shaw U S Feng, Navy Co, S Ocken +54 others
  • 1994
83] W. Walter. FORTRAN-SC, a FORTRAN extension for engineer-ing/scientiic computation with access to ACRITH: Language descrioption with examples.ordinate measuring machines: a study of needs. a FORTRAN extension for engineer-ing/scientiic computation with access to ACRITH: Demonstration of the compiler and sample programs. A review of current geometric(More)
Virtual communities (VCs) are open socio-technical structures wherein autonomous entities (i.e. agents) with common objectives join together to mutually satisfy their goals. The success of these communities relies on collaboration and resource sharing principals, making trust a critical issue for each member. Such environments motivate the need for more(More)
In this paper, we advocate the use of code polymorphism as an efficient means to improve security at several levels in electronic devices. We analyse the threats that polymorphism could help thwart, and present the solution that we plan to demonstrate in the scope of a collaborative research project called COGITO. We expect our solution to be effective to(More)
Until now the growing volume of heterogeneous and distributed information on the WWW makes increasingly difficult for the existing tools to retrieve relevant information. To improve the performance of these tools, we suggest to handle two aspects of the problem: One concerns a better representation and description of WWW pages, we introduce here a new(More)