Philippe J. Giabbanelli

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BACKGROUND Controlling bias is key to successful randomized controlled trials for behaviour change. Bias can be generated at multiple points during a study, for example, when participants are allocated to different groups. Several methods of allocations exist to randomly distribute participants over the groups such that their prognostic factors (e.g.,(More)
Retailers routinely use association mining to investigate trends in the use of their products. In the medical world, association mining is mostly used to identify associations between symptoms and diseases, or between drugs and adverse events. In comparison, there is a relative paucity of work that focuses on relationships between drugs exclusively. In this(More)
The average shortest path distance between all pairs of nodes in real-world networks tends to be small compared to the number of nodes. Providing a closed-form formula for remains challenging in several network models, as shown by recent papers dedicated to this sole topic. For example, Zhang et al. proposed the deterministic model ZRG and studied an upper(More)