Philippe Hujoel

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INTRODUCTION Anterior open-bite (AOB) treatment is considered challenging because of difficulties in determining and addressing etiologic factors and the potential for relapse in the vertical dimension after treatment. In this review, we compiled evidence on the long-term stability of the major therapeutic interventions for correcting AOB. Our objective was(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the long-term safety and benefit of a new intraoral bone conduction device (SoundBite Hearing System by Sonitus Medical) for single-sided deafness (SSD). STUDY DESIGN A multi-center, controlled, nonrandomized, prospective unblinded study of SSD patients wearing the device over a 6-month period. SETTINGS Ambulatory care centers(More)
Several European countries have guidelines suggesting that women should not receive mercury-containing dental amalgam fillings during pregnancy. One concern raised by several studies is that mercury exposure during pregnancy may lead to decreased birth weight. A population-based, case-control study was designed to investigate whether placement of(More)
BACKGROUND The thyroid is among the more radiosensitive organs in the body. The goal of this study was twofold: (1) to evaluate age-related changes in what is exposed to ionizing radiation in the neck area, and (2) to assess thyroid shield presence in cephalometric radiographs METHODS Cephalometric radiographs at one academic setting were sampled and neck(More)
The main purpose of the split-mouth design is to remove all components related to differences between subjects from the treatment comparisons. By making within-patient comparisons, rather than between-patient comparisons, the error variance (noise) of the experiment can be reduced, thereby obtaining a more powerful statistical test. Unfortunately,(More)
OBJECTIVE Compare GHb among people with diabetes who have and have not received periodontal care. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS This cross-sectional study linked 5 years of electronic medical record and dental insurance data for dually insured patients with diabetes, ages 40-70 years (n = 5,103). We assessed the association between annual mean GHb (%) and(More)
In the past 10 to 12 years, there have been several statistical issues identified in periodontal research which require and have generated non-standard or new statistical approaches. The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of these issues and approaches. Three general categories of issues are described: (i) statistical methods for detecting when(More)
recommendations Executive summary of evidence-based clinical Nonfluoride caries-preventive agents : B ecause of its high prevalence , 1 dental caries is the focus of many interventions targeted toward prevention and control. The use of fluoridated toothpastes, 2 other topically applied fluorides, 3 fluo-ridated municipal water 4 and pit-and-fissure(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the hypothesis that retinopathies are indicative of systemic microvascular injury. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The only U.S. national survey assessing microvascular hemorrhaging at two distinct anatomical sites was the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1988-1994). The systemic microvascular injury hypothesis was(More)