Philippe Herzog

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  • P. Herzog, U. König, K. H. Holtermüller
  • 2005
An new latex agglutination system was developed for the detection of occult blood in the feces. Antibodies against human hemoglobin were raised in a goat. Blood in concentrations of 0.1 ml–8.0 ml/100 g feces were detected in vitro. The antibodies were separated and adsorbed to latex particles (0.3 µm). After in vitro standardisation of the new test system(More)
Different electrophoretic pat terns of human red cell isoenzyme adenosine deaminase (E.C. have been found by starch gel electrophoresis (Spencer et al., 1968). The genetic hypothesis of two common codominant alleles ADA 1 and ADA e on an autosomal locus has been confirmed by further investigations (Hopkinson et al., 1969; Tariwerdian and Ritter,(More)
Pre-treatment with NOSAC led to an increase of ulcer index in a dose-dependent manner indicating the aggravation of gastric lesions under the influence of NOSAC. The severity of mucosal lesions was diminished by lengthening the time between the last day of pre-treatment with NOSAC and the day on which ulcers were induced. When NOSAC were administered after(More)
Acoustic communication is widespread in animals. According to the sensory drive hypothesis [Endler JA (1993) Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 340(1292):215-225], communication signals and perceptual systems have coevolved. A clear illustration of this is the evolution of the tetrapod middle ear, adapted to life on land. Here we report the discovery of a(More)
This study investigated the dimensions underlying perceived differences between loudspeakers. Listeners compared the sound reproduction of 12 loudspeakers in a room, using three musical excerpts. For the loudspeakers to be compared one just after the other in exactly the same conditions, the sounds radiated by the loudspeakers were recorded in a listening(More)
Immunocompromised patients with malignant diseases often suffer from pulmonary infections. Early detection of these life-threatening infections is crucial to start effective treatment. The gold standard for the diagnosis of these disorders is high-resolution computed tomography (HR-CT) of the chest. This method, however, has limitations, for instance, in(More)
This paper evaluates the potential of the field separation method (FSM) for performing subwoofer measurements in a small test room with poor absorbing properties, as is commonly available. The FSM requires the knowledge of both acoustic pressure and velocity fields on a closed surface surrounding the tested source. Pressures and velocities, measured using a(More)
The "smart foam" concept and design originate from the combination of the passive dissipation capability of foam in the medium and high frequency ranges and the active absorption ability of piezoelectric actuator (generally polyvinylidene fluoride) in the low frequency range. This results into a passive/active absorption control device that can efficiently(More)
  • Prof. Dr. K. H. Holtermüller, P. Herzog, B. Huhn, T. Müller, C. Naumann, M. Castro
  • 1980
In der vorliegenden Studie wurde bei 32 Probanden mit einer intestinalen Perfusionstechnik die Resorption von L-Phenylalanin und die Wirkung verschiedener intraduodenaler L-Phenylalaninkonzentrationen auf die Pankreasenzymsekretion und Gallenblasenentleerung untersucht. L-Phenylalanin verursachte konzentrationsabhängig signifikante Steigerungen der(More)