Philippe-Herve Leloup

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A new virus has been isolated by inoculation of lung tissues of diseased snakes into snake embryos. Homogenates of infected embryo tissues caused c.p.e. in cell cultures incubated at 30 degrees C. The virus replicates in a wide variety of reptilian or mammalian cell types incubated at 30 degrees C, inducing either syncytium formation or minimal or no(More)
It is stated that there are sufficient different morphological characteristics in order to distinguish the sexes with a certain practice, but that each of these characteristics by itself does not alone represent a completely valid criterium. These observations have shown in the periods of reproduction a chifting of six months after six years of captivity.(More)
Cenozoic climate cooling at the advent of the Eocene-Oligocene transition (EOT), ~33.7 Ma ago, was stamped in the ocean by a series of climatic events albeit the impact of this global climatic transition on terrestrial environments is still fragmentary. Yet archival constraints on Late Eocene atmospheric circulation are scarce in (tropical) monsoonal Asia,(More)
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