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The Ultra Flat Architecture is a new concept of fixed mobile convergent networks that aims to scale well with the mobile internet traffic explosion prognosticated for the next 5–10 years. This paper investigates the adequacy of three different signaling protocol alternatives for the Ultra Flat Architecture based on operator requirements. The applied(More)
Keywords: Ultra flat architecture Internet interworking SIP HIP PMIP IEEE 802.21 a b s t r a c t Telecommunication suppliers predict a huge mobile Internet traffic increase for the next decade. It seems to be technically challenging and expensive to adapt current mobile network architectures to the increasing traffic demand. Core network technology must(More)
—SCTP faces three performance problems in hard handover scenarios: high network handover delay, high transport handover delay and throughput under-utilization. Existing solutions assume the mobile extension of SCTP (m-SCTP) as a unique way to handle handovers and rely on terminal mechanisms. Nevertheless, they are not efficient as they lack the necessary(More)
A complete system is described for the computerized automation of the determination of activity of hypertensive drugs in the anesthetized rat. The microcomputer used was the Apple IIe, and the automation was performed by a purpose-designed command module. The series of injections of hypertensive drugs was controlled by the microcomputer through the(More)
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