Philippe Grelu

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Nonlinear dissipative systems display the full (3+1)D spatiotemporal dynamics of stable optical solitons. We review recent results that were obtained within the complex cubic-quintic Ginzburg-Landau equation model. Numerical simulations reveal the existence of stationary bell-shaped (3+1)D solitons for both anomalous and normal chromatic dispersion regimes,(More)
We observed, numerically and experimentally, multiple-period pulsations of the soliton parameters in a passively mode-locked fiber laser. Pulsation periods can vary from a few to hundreds of round trips. Short and long period pulsations can appear in combination. The new periods in the soliton modulation appear at bifurcation points related to certain(More)
Exact explicit rogue-wave solutions of intricate structures are presented for the long-wave-short-wave resonance equation. These vector parametric solutions feature coupled dark- and bright-field counterparts of the Peregrine soliton. Numerical simulations show the robustness of dark and bright rogue waves in spite of the onset of modulational instability.(More)
Mode-locking refers to the generation of ultrashort optical pulses in laser systems. A comprehensive study of achieving high-energy pulses in a ring cavity fiber laser that is passively mode-locked by a series of waveplates and a polarizer is presented in this paper. Specifically, it is shown that the multipulsing instability can be circumvented in favor of(More)
We report a novel and intriguing nonlinear dynamics observed in a fiber laser cavity, in which soliton pulses are created from an extended noisy background and drift until they reach a condensed phase comprising several tens of aggregated solitons. This soliton flow can be adjusted with manual cavity tuning, and can even be triggered by the injection of an(More)
Philippe Grelu,* Wonkeun Chang, Adrian Ankiewicz, Jose M. Soto-Crespo, and Nail Akhmediev Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne, UMR 5209 CNRS, Université de Bourgogne, 9 Avenue A. Savary, BP 47870, Dijon CEDEX 21078, France Optical Sciences Group, Research School of Physics and Engineering, Institute of Advanced Studies, The Australian(More)
In a passively mode-locked fiber ring laser, we report the experimental observation of relative phase locking of pulses in a wide variety of cases. Relative phase locking is observed in bunches of N pulses separated by more than 20 pulse widths as well as in close pulse pairs. In the latter case, the phase relationship between the two pulses is measured to(More)
We investigate multiple-soliton pattern formations in a figure-of-eight passively mode-locked fiber laser. Operation in the anomalous dispersion regime with a double-clad fiber amplifier allows generation of up to several hundreds of solitons per round trip. We report the observation of remarkable soliton distributions: soliton gas, soliton liquid, soliton(More)