Philippe Godignon

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The ability to manipulate optical fields and the energy flow of light is central to modern information and communication technologies, as well as quantum information processing schemes. However, because photons do not possess charge, a way of controlling them efficiently by electrical means has so far proved elusive. A promising way to achieve electric(More)
Semi-insulating silicon carbide (SiC) is a fully processable semiconductors substrate that is commonly used as an alternative to conventional silicon (Si) in high-power applications. Here we examine the feasibility of using SiC as a substrate for the development of minimally invasive multi-sensor micro-probes in the context of organ monitoring during(More)
Considering fault current limiters for serial protection, a number of structures exist, from regulation to other complex systems such as circuit breakers, mechanical switches or more conventional fuses. Up to now, only few semiconductor current limiter structures have been described in the literature. Although current regulative diode components already(More)
—This paper reports on the fabrication technology and packaging strategy for 300-V 5-A silicon carbide Schottky diodes with a wide temperature operation range capability (between −170 • C and 300 • C). These diodes have been designed for harsh environment space applications such as inner Solar System exploration probes. Different endurance tests have been(More)
The combination of optimized and passivated Field Effect Transistors (FETs) based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) together with the appropriate choice and immobilization strategy of aptamer receptors and buffer concentration have allowed the highly sensitive and real time biorecognition of proteins in a liquid-gated configuration. Specifically we have followed(More)
Thermal simulation is nowadays the basic thermal management design tool to predict temperature distributions and power fluxes of complex assemblies. Nevertheless, the simulation results can be inaccurate due to the uncertainty of the values of the parameters involved in the modelisation, as it is the case of the dielectric layer of the IMS substrates. We(More)
Micro-Raman and micro-transmission imaging experiments have been done on epitaxial graphene grown on the C- and Si-faces of on-axis 6H-SiC substrates. On the C-face it is shown that the SiC sublimation process results in the growth of long and isolated graphene ribbons (up to 600 μm) that are strain-relaxed and lightly p-type doped. In this case, combining(More)
A comparison between electrical characteristics of 1.2 kV Si-PiN and 4H-SiC Schottky/JBS rectifiers is presented. The 4H-SiC rectifiers are characterised in the 25degC-300degC range while the Si-PiN is tested up to 200degC due to the Si temperature limitation 4H-SiC rectifiers exhibit superior temperature performances and their design can be adapted to a(More)