Philippe Gerner

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We present a theoretically sound and automated model-based design, analysis, and implementation framework for synthesizing correct-by-construction code. Special emphasis is put on multi-threaded software and multi-processor architectures. The framework consists in (1) a formal language which provides platform-independent constructs to specify the behavior(More)
Video encoding is a fundamental component of a wide range of real-time multimedia applications. In this paper, we present the fine grain MPEG-4 parallelism and describe a modelling, mapping and scheduling approach that produces code for an industrial video encoder on SMP platforms.
We describe a novel technique for computing efficient schedules for multi-threaded real-time programs. The technique makes use of abstractions which are constructed by embedding the model of the program in a geometric space and then constructing a decomposition of this space. This embedding uses the model of PV diagrams. We introduce a timed version for PV(More)
The current solution for efficient high-level parallel programming in the industry is to use directives to the compiler. However these directives pose two problems: first, as their the degree of stringency is not fixed, the compiler writer has no obligation with respect to them, and can only implement them “as he believes is the best”; second, as a result,(More)
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