Philippe Gentric

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The aim of this work is to assess the possibility of having on-line handwriting recognition abilities on a small portable computer. We studied the recognitions rates dependence on the target character set and the incremental training made possible by new neural network techniques. We worked on cross-cultural data gathered from French and Dutch people(More)
We present a new constructive algorithm for building Radial-Basis-Function (RBF) network classiiers and a tree based associated algorithm for fast processing of the network. This method, named Constructive Tree Radial-Basis-Function (CTRBF), allows to build and train a RBF network in one pass over the training data set. The training can be in supervised or(More)
Emerging screen technologies, such as Electrophoretic Displays (EPD) used in E-book Readers, are changing product power requirements due to their advantageous properties such as bi-stability (effective "zero power" static display) and reflective mode of operation (no backlight). We will first review the emerging screen technologies under the(More)
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