Philippe Gelin

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Technology Laboratory, U.S.A N-BEST BASED SUPERVISED AND UNSUPERVISED ADAPTATION FOR NATIVE AND NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS IN CARS P. Nguyen1,2, Ph. Gelin1, J-C. Junqua1 and J-T. Chien3,* 1Panasonic Technologies Inc., Speech Technology Laboratory, Santa Barbara, California 2Institut Eurécom, Sophia-Antipolis, Cedex, France 3Depart. of Computer Science and(More)
The topic considered here is the design, achievement and test of a liquid crystal-based patch antenna. This device was realised in planar technology with low-cost foam substrate. Liquid crystal dielectric anisotropy permits frequency agility. Owing to technological difficulties of the foam, we used this dielectric property to adjust the shift of the antenna(More)
This paper deals with the study of electrically tunable phase-shifters based on the use of liquid crystals. First, the dielectric characterization of the commercial liquid crystal involved in our investigations allowed us to determine its dielectric anisotropy. Secondly, two phase-shifter configurations were studied. Both structures propose inverted(More)
Adaptation of speaker-independent hidden Markov models (HMM’s) to a new speaker using speaker-specific data is an effective approach to reinforce speech recognition performance for the enrolled speaker. Practically, it is desirable to flexibly perform the adaptation without any knowledge or limitation on the enrolled adaptation data (e.g. data(More)