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Applications in the range of E to W bands are emerging during the last years specially in the field of Radio and security for active scanning systems. It required both low noise receiver and medium power amplifier which needs to use high performances, reliable millimeter wave technology. This paper describes basic fundamental of a 0.1 μm gate length(More)
Design methodology and measurements of an E-band very low noise amplifier (LNA) are presented in this paper. This four stages MMIC is manufactured on UMS 4 inch 100 nm GaAs pHEMT technology with BCB coating. The chip size is 3.35 &#x00D7; 1.12 mm<sup>2</sup>. On-wafer measurements, close to simulation results, exhibit a gain of 22 dB associated to 4 dB(More)
In this letter, we present the process and power microwave measurements of 0.07-/spl mu/m Al/sub 0.25/Ga/sub 0.75/As/In/sub 0.22/Ga/sub 0.78/As pseudomorphic high-electron mobility transistors (PHEMTs). These devices are passivated and exhibit a Ft of 125 GHz, a current density of 750 mA/mm associated to a high breakdown voltage of 4 V at open channel.(More)
The design of a coplanar low-noise amplifier (LNA) is presented in this paper. Pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors (PHEMTs), optimized for power applications, are used in order to evaluate the potentiality of this technology for mixed-mode applications. The three stages amplifier noise figure is lower than 2.6 dB on the 27 - 31 GHz frequency(More)
This paper presents the design and performance of 110-GHz low noise amplifier MMICs, based on coplanar technology, and utilizing 120-nm gate-length metamorphic HEMTs. Thanks to a cascode device, a single-stage amplifier achieves 8-dB small signal gain, with less than 4-dB noise figure at 105 GHz, within a chip size of only 0.725 mm/sup 2/. The 2- and(More)
A theoretical study to establish the behavior and the power amplification capabilities of the InP MISFET is described. Two numerical models are used. The first model is a two-dimensional simulation based on Poisson's equation, and the current equation is supposed equal to zero. A second simulation uses a pseudo-two-dimensional model and entails a lighter(More)
This paper presents the design and measurement results of a single-chip front-end monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), incorporating a high-power amplifier, transmit&#x2013;receive switch, low-noise amplifier, and calibration coupler, realized in 0.25 <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$\mu \text{m}$ </tex-math></inline-formula>(More)
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