Philippe Erny

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In most developed countries, information on road crashes are routinely collected by the police. However, comparison of police records and hospital data underlines a deficit of the number of road accidents in the routine statistics. In La Réunion, a French overseas dependency, an epidemiological study of injuries leading to hospitalisation or deaths has been(More)
To evaluate the long-term effectiveness of a single cervical epidural steroid injection (CESI) performed with or without morphine, 24 patients, without need of surgery, but suffering for more than 12 months from cervical radicular pain, were included in a prospective and randomised study. The cervical epidural space was injected (C7-D1; 18-ga needle) with(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess long-term results of a single cervical epidural corticosteroid injection (CECI) in patients suffering from chronic cervicobrachial neuralgia (CCBN). STUDY DESIGN Open prospective study. PATIENTS A CECI was performed in 29 patients suffering for more than 12 months from a non-compressive and non-surgical CCBN with permanent pain for(More)
OBJECTIVE Most studies on patients with severe brain injury (SBI) are based on data from specialized centres. This prospective epidemiologic study included all patients in a defined region with a coma lasting more than 24 hours or leading to a death. METHODS All patients with a SBI admitted to an emergency department in the region were included during a(More)
Although worsening cerebral function in the elderly is often said to be due to anaesthesia, it still remains to be proved that anesthesia acts on an elderly patient's psychological make-up. This study aimed to compare the psychological effects of general or spinal anaesthesia on 35 patients more than 70-yr old under repair of a subcapital femoral fracture,(More)
To determine what consequences cognitive, behavioural or somatic impairments had on disabilities and recovery after a head injury (HI), a population-based sample of 231 adult patients was studied 5 years after an HI. Eighty lower-limb-injured (LLI) patients were considered as controls. Sixty-four LLI and 176 HI patients were reviewed (114 minor, 35(More)
Changes in serum concentrations versus time of C reactive protein and orosomucoid were investigated in 134 neonates with either materno-foetal infection (group A, n = 111) or nosocomial infection (group B, n = 23). Both proteins were significantly elevated in group A neonates, with mean +/- S.E.M. values of 0.029 +/- 0,003 g/l for C reactive protein (n =(More)
This paper reports the results of a study of injuries conducted during a one-year period within a defined geographic population of 2.7 million persons (Aquitaine, France). Cases were defined as unintentional or intentional injuries, either resulting in immediate death before reaching hospital or requiring hospital admission. During the one-year period,(More)
We demonstrate in this paper that bupivacaine, a local anesthetic, can act alone as an uncoupler of rat liver mitochondria. It stimulates state 4 respiration, induces a swelling in potassium acetate (in the presence of valinomycin), and collapses the transmembrane potential. Lidocaine, another local anesthetic, requires the presence of a lipophilic anion(More)
A population-based cohort of 407 head trauma patients has been studied since 1986 to estimate the prevalence of long-term disabilities and handicaps by means of a structured questionnaire. Five years later, 6-1 patients were deceased and 36 were lost to follow-up. Prevalence of subjective and behavioral complaints was high whatever the initial head trauma(More)