Philippe Ement

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The link between sleepiness and the risk of motor vehicle accidents is well known, but little is understood regarding the risk of home, work and car accidents of subjects with insomnia. An international cross-sectional survey was conducted across 10 countries in a population of subjects with sleep disturbances. Primary care physicians administered a(More)
Sleepiness while driving is both a very common phenomena regarding 10 to 15% of drivers and one of the main causes of death on highways (one third of fatal accidents). Sleepiness results mainly from behavioural causes: sleep deficit or irregular work schedules. However, many sleep diseases and hypnotics may also induce sleepiness at the wheel. Several(More)
The objective of this paper was to compare the effects of metoclopramide (MTC) and of metopimazine (MTP) on intestinal motility in normal subjects in the period between digestion by injecting these two agents at a well-defined time of the migrating motor complex (MMC). Duodenojejunal motility was recorded by manometry (four microperfused catheters; study(More)
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