Philippe E Gasquet

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The need to provide a professionalization process for the humanitarian workforce is well established. Current competency-based curricula provided by existing academically affiliated training centers in North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union provide a route toward certification. Simulation exercises followed by timely evaluation is one way(More)
547 Public health laboratories play a critical role in the detection, prevention and control of diseases. However, reliable laboratory testing continues to be limited in many lowand middleincome countries.1 The 2013–2016 Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa provided many examples of how functioning laboratories were needed for disease control and(More)
It is possible, even with children and new-born babies, to condition the oculo-palpebral reflex to respond to sound. The apparatus constructed by Messrs. Gasquet and Brun achieves this conditioning on the one hand and, on the other, allows this to be used as a method of visual audiometry. This method generally enables the operator to come within twenty(More)
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