Philippe Durieux

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This paper proposes a new method to evaluate the temporal impairments of compressed video signals. The proposed algorithm is block based; each block in a given frame is first classified as stable or in motion with respect to its co-located blocks in the previous and next frames. For each in-motion block, a motion estimation process is used to find its best(More)
Steady progress in semiconductors yield increased processing power and memory space at reduced costs. As a result, advances in video coding research can be leveraged to deliver significant improvements in the compression of video data. At the same time, as market penetration of key technologies progress (mobile phones, Internet connections, digital TV(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effects of levothyroxine (LTh) on the electroretinogram (ERG) of adult dogs. MATERIAL AND METHODS Binocular, full field photopic and scotopic ERGs were recorded from an anesthetized Maltese Bichon cross (MB), a Yorkshire Terrier (YT) and a Shetland Sheepdog (SS) affected with hypothyroidism and treated with a daily dose of LTh at(More)
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