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This survey presents a unified and essentially self-contained approach to the asymptotic analysis of a large class of sums that arise in combinatorial mathematics, discrete probabilistic models, and the average-case analysis of algorithms. It relies on the Mellin transform, a close relative of the integral transforms of Laplace and Fourier. The method(More)
We establish a fundamental isomorphism between discrete-time balanced urn processes and certain ordinary differential systems, which are nonlinear, autonomous, and of a simple monomial form. As a consequence, all balanced urn processes with balls of two colours are proved to be analytically solvable in finite terms. The corresponding generating functions(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Nous étudions le comportement asymptotique d'une classe de suites mahlériennes dont les séries génératrices sont des produits infinis. Un exemple caractéristique est celui de l'estima-tion des coefficients de Taylor de 03A0+~k=0(1 + z2k + z2k+1)-1, voisin des partitions binaires étudiées par De Bruijn. Le résultat obtenu illustre un cas typique(More)
Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) is the method of choice for obtaining thermodynamic data on a great variety of systems. Here we show that modern ITC apparatus and new processing methods allow researchers to obtain a complete kinetic description of systems more diverse than previously thought, ranging from simple ligand binding to complex RNA folding.(More)
Metal ions, and magnesium in particular, are known to be involved in RNA folding by stabilizing secondary and tertiary structures, and, as cofactors, in RNA enzymatic activity. We have conducted a systematic crystallographic analysis of cation binding to the duplex form of the HIV-1 RNA dimerization initiation site for the subtype-A and -B natural(More)
As more and more structures of macromolecular complexes get solved in different conditions, it has become apparent that flexibility is an inherent part of their biological function. Normal mode analysis using simplified models of proteins such as the elastic network model has proved very effective in showing that many of the structural transitions derived(More)
Most DNA polymerases interact with their cognate processive replication factor through a small peptide, this interaction being absolutely required for their function in vivo. We have solved the crystal structure of a complex between the beta sliding clamp of Escherichia coli and the 16 residue C-terminal peptide of Pol IV (P16). The seven C-terminal(More)