Philippe Drouet

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We estimated the prevalence of Raynaud's phenomenon (RP) in the general population of 2 geographic areas, Charleston County, South Carolina, USA, and Tarentaise, Savoie, France, using the same methodology in both countries. The first phase of the study, consisting of the telephone survey of a randomly drawn sample of households, yielded 2086 completed(More)
Soybean lipoxygenase-1 (EC reaction with linoleic acid as substrate was used to study the biocatalysis in a biphasic system when the reactants have surface-active properties. The poorly water-soluble substrate was initially dissolved in an apolar solvent (octane). The hydroperoxide produced was water soluble and remained in the aqueous phase(More)
The extraction of 13-hydroperoxide-lyase activity from mint leaves as well as its use for C6-aldehyde production was studied in this work. The enzyme cleaves 13(S)-hydroperoxy-C18 fatty acids into C6-aldehyde and C12-oxo-acid. Two mint species were tested: Mentha veridis and Mentha pulegium. The headspace injection method coupled to gas chromatography was(More)
The unsaturations and groups bound to the ring and to the lateral chain of lactones give a large diversity in this class of molecules. In this work we produced enzymatically a macrolactone in organic media. The substrate used was a hydroxy-fatty acid: (+)-coriolic acid and the enzymes tested were free or immobilized microbial lipases. The immobilized lipase(More)
The Trichoderma reesei beta-xylosidase (EC is used to catalyze the production of alkyl beta-D-xyloside. Two general methods of production are tested and compared using the same enzyme: transglycosylation and reverse hydrolysis. Using both methods, primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols are studied as acceptors. In kinetically controlled process(More)