Philippe Drouet

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The unsaturations and groups bound to the ring and to the lateral chain of lactones give a large diversity in this class of molecules. In this work we produced enzymatically a macrolactone in organic media. The substrate used was a hydroxy-fatty acid: (+)-coriolic acid and the enzymes tested were free or immobilized microbial lipases. The immobilized lipase(More)
The extraction of 13-hydroperoxide-lyase activity from mint leaves as well as its use for C6-aldehyde production was studied in this work. The enzyme cleaves 13(S)-hydroperoxy-C18 fatty acids into C6-aldehyde and C12-oxo-acid. Two mint species were tested: Mentha veridis and Mentha pulegium. The headspace injection method coupled to gas chromatography was(More)
AIM Legal Protection of Youth is responsible for the education of juvenile offenders, and for the inspection and assessment of the bodies that supervise them. The objective of this project is to promote and strengthen the synergy between the quality approach and health promotion in the missions of the Ile-de-France/ Outre-Mer Inter-regional Directorate of(More)