Philippe Drobinski

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In this article, we propose a new stochastic downscaling method: provided a numerical prediction of wind at large scale, we aim to improve the approximation at small scales thanks to a local stochastic model. We first recall the framework of a Lagrangian stochastic model borrowed from S.B. Pope. Then, we adapt it to our meteorological framework, both from(More)
Keywords: MORCE platform Regional Earth system Climate modeling Mesoscale process Impact studies HyMeX ChArMeX MerMeX CORDEX a b s t r a c t The vulnerability of human populations and natural systems and their ability to adapt to extreme events and climate change vary with geographic regions and populations. Regional climate models (RCM), composed by an(More)
It has been observed that the West African monsoon onset is concomitant with the enhancement of the Saharan heat low. We show here through a combined diagnostic and modeling study a possible interaction between northern Africa orography and the deepening of the Saharan heat low at the time of the monsoon onset. The amplification of an anticyclonic(More)
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