Philippe Doutrelant

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Cancer-associated hypercalcemia (CAH) is the most frequent metabolic disorder in cancer patients. We retrospectively reviewed the outcome and prognostic factors for patients with CAH being treated with standard intravenous disphosphonates. Two hundred sixty patients were reviewed. Overall survival and prognostic factors were analyzed. Relative risks (RR)(More)
E-cadherins are homophilic adhesion molecules the expression of which is tightly linked to the invasiveness and the differentiated state of the cells. E-cadherin expression seems also inversely related to the expression of vimentin, an intermediate filament implicated in the metastatic potential of some cells. In breast tumor cells MCF-7, we have previously(More)
As part of a study in the North of France for screening pelvic tumours with plasma proteomic analysis, we included 82 women with hereditary risk of ovarian cancer. We report here the consequences of organized screening with usual tests. CA 125 sampling and a transvaginal pelvic ultrasound by a radiologist were systematically conducted every 6 months.(More)
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