Philippe Debaud

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Approximate computing has been adopted as a promising approach to energy-efficient design of digital systems. Actually the straightforward idea is to lower the supplied voltage level until errors appear. These errors can be "implicitly" tolerated since the application accepts some loss of quality or optimality in the computed result(s). This paper aims at(More)
To overcome the increasing sensitivity to variability in nanoscale integrated circuits, operation parameters (e.g., supply voltage) are adapted in a customized way exclusively to each chip. A standard industrial approach to achieve customized circuit adaptations is the use of on-chip monitors that allow fast performance evaluation during production or(More)
Circuit monitoring techniques have been adopted widely to compensate for process, voltage, and temperature variations as well as power optimization of integrated circuits. For cost and complexity reasons, these techniques are usually implemented by means of performance monitors allowing fast performance evaluation during production. In this paper, we(More)
Process variation occurring during fabrication of complex VLSI devices induce uncertainties in operation parameters (e.g., supply voltage) to be applied to each device in order for it to fit within the allowed power budget and get the optimum power efficiency. Therefore, an efficient post manufacturing performance estimation mechanism is needed in order to(More)
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