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The convergence of Web technology, wireless networks, and portable client devices provides new design opportunities for computer/communications systems. In the HP Labs' "Cooltown" project we have been exploring these opportunities through an infrastructure to support "web presence" for people, places and things. We put web servers into things like printers(More)
The Cooltown vision is that people, places, and things have a web representation and that many useful services can be offered by creating a tighter link between the real world entity and its virtual representation. We defined a horizontal and uniform software architecture for building a Web presence for people, places and things. This architecture enables(More)
In Cooltown, we believe that the integration of our physical world with the Web offers unique opportunities to enable ubiquitous computing applications. This paper describes our latest results in building a model and a software architecture called the Web presence manager (WPM) to support this physical-virtual integration. This software layer implements and(More)
The convergence of communication and imaging capabilities in a single device, the camera phone, is changing the way people take, share and communicate around pictures. In this paper, we describe and discuss three complementary research prototypes-MemoryNet Viewer, Plog and StoryMail-that we built to explore how media can be used as part of everyday(More)
We describe an architecture to support the rapid development of software applications for mobile devices that can discover and adapt to resources in the environment of the user. To narrow the scope of our research, we focus on media-oriented applications involving the rendering, capture and control of pictures, audio or video. Inspired by the success of(More)
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