Philippe Corten

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The aim of this study was to develop a comprehensive model in order to approach the structure of the concept of subjective quality of life. A total of 188 Belgian subjects took part in the present study: 148 psychiatric out-patients and 40 normal controls. The principal component analysis used as a statistical method revealed three significant factors for(More)
Plasma concentrations of immunoreactive atrial natriuretic peptide (mean (SEM] were measured in 135 patients admitted to two coronary care units with myocardial infarction, ischaemic chest pain, or non-ischaemic chest pain. Concentrations were significantly higher in patients with acute myocardial infarction not treated with systemic thrombolysis (60.4(More)
Quality of life and life satisfaction have often been investigated as concomitant variables of anxious and depressive symptoms as well as an outcome measure in psychotherapy research. In the present prospective survey, life satisfaction and stressful events function as independent variables predicting the development of neurotic disturbances in a general(More)
The first part of the study indicates that this small unit has a rapid turnover, that the population is young and that there are fresh cases. The main reason for admission in males are first alcoholism and secondly schizophrenia, and for women first depression and neurotic troubles and secondly endogenous depressions. The second part of this study deals(More)
This study was attempted to analyse the trajectories of patients who have left a therapeutic community centre since two and a half years. The statistical analysis has permitted us to show that a series of variables concerning personal, family or medical history have a repercussion on these trajectories. The study shows that patients who have become less(More)
In order to determine organic morbidity in psychiatry, 140 psychiatric inpatients (aged between 20 and 49) were examined. After various investigations (physical, biological, chest film, EEG, ECG), it was concluded that 52% of the patients suffer from at least one physical disease, and 23% suffer from more than one. The most frequent diseases are digestive(More)
Statistical study, using objective variables, was carried out to draw the profile of psycho-social cases at the emergency unit of Publics hospitals. The study analyses the attitude of the nursing and medical staff. This paper looks the problem throw three parameters: the symptoms, the diagnosis and the final destination. The most important conclusion is:(More)
The statistical analysis of a large sample (1.707 cases) was carried out using objective variables. These variables consist of the key points in the progression of alcoholics and drug addicts within two emergency departments situated in general hospitals. This study pinpoints a lack of therapeutic work at the emergency room where neither medical diagnoses(More)
UNLABELLED The aim was to develop and validate an addictive behaviors screening tool in school children. METHODOLOGY A cross sectional study including a self administrated 223 item questionnaire developed in Arabic language. The questionnaire included identification of the student and seven life domains: school, family, addiction, relationships with(More)