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This paper considers the problem of aggregating several multicast sessions. A multicast session is defined as a subset of clients requiring the same information. Besides, each client can require several multicast sessions. A telecommunication network cannot manage many multicast sessions at the same time. It is hence necessary to group the sessions into a(More)
This paper deals with the problem of ÿnding a minimum cost schedule for a set of dependent activities when a convex cost function is attached to the starting time of each activity. A ÿrst optimality necessary and suucient condition bearing on the head and tail blocks of a schedule is ÿrst established. A second such condition that uses the spanning active(More)
Supply-Chain Scheduling, Scheduling on the Internet and. SEC is a victim of its own success due to long the cycle.Scheduling theory is concerned with the optimal allocation of scarce resources for instance. Interested in scheduling theory and its applications. Scheduling applications on volatile resources. They are called NP-complete, and their set is(More)