Philippe Chanclou

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This paper describes the technical aspects of optical access solutions for mobile fronthaul application. The mobile context and main constraints of fronthaul signals are presented. The need for a demarcation point between the Mobile operator and the Fiber provider is introduced. The optical solution to achieve such a network is discussed. A WDM network with(More)
With the recent increase of the number of Fiber-to-the-Home deployments worldwide, and the corresponding huge investment in infrastructure, there is a need to devise a migration path that assures the full future usability and enhanced performance of the installed fiber plant, possibly using emerging opto-electronic technologies. With this aim, within the(More)
FDMA PON allows the ONU complexity and cost to be tailored to the service level targeted per customer while achieving high per wavelength throughput (35-39Gbps downlink). Initial progress towards an all Silicon ONU is presented. 1. Introduction In the future, Passive Optical Networks (PON) shall provide a universal sustained connectivity to end users in the(More)
A bit rate as high as 19Gbit/s transmission was experimentally demonstrated for NG-PON without chromatic dispersion compensation by direct modulation of DFB laser using DMT signal combined with adaptive power-bit loading algorithm. Introduction Fuelled by an exponentially growing demand for broadband services, a further increase of transport capacity in(More)