Philippe Candelier

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Techniques using modification of power supplies to attack circuits do not require strong expertise or expensive equipment. Supply voltage glitches are then a serious threat to the security of electronic devices. In this paper, mechanisms involved during such attacks are analyzed and described. It is shown that timing properties of logic gates are very(More)
Supply voltage glitches are a well-known fault injection method used to attack electronic circuits. The aim of this paper is to identify the specific threats of mixed signal systems and to provide some solutions to ensure their security. Indeed, many Systems on Chip use both analog and digital circuits but, most of the time, the security of such application(More)
The use of a laser as a means to inject errors during the computations of a secure integrated circuit (IC) for the purpose of retrieving secret data was first reported in 2002. Since then, a lot of research work, mainly experimental, has been carried out to study this threat. This paper reports research conducted, in the framework of the french national(More)
This work investigates voltage attacks over the nominal voltage on CMOS digital circuits designed on advanced technology nodes. The behavior of both combinatorial and sequential logic is analyzed in presence of static and dynamic overvoltage attacks. It points out that only modifications of propagation delays occur in presence of such attacks. Timing(More)